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Home Studios

Home Studios

Our studios are designed and built with versatility in mind. This particular design allows for the space to be used as a home office, rented secondary dwelling or workshop. The cladding, windows and internal structural members are crafted from local North Queensland Timbers - sustainably sourced, reducing the carbon footprint of the build. This contemporary 'shed' is beautiful to look at and spend time in.

Architectural Residential Construction


This second storey addition was beautifully designed and doubled the client's original floorspace. Clad in spotted gum battens externally and SG plywood internally with operable timber screens on the lower level, allowing the client to choose different levels of privacy as needed.


To ensure successful outcomes, our team work closely with designers and clients from the very beginning of any renovation project. We prioritise planning, communication and transparency throughout the process - time and time again this approach has delivered the best results. 


Custom Timber Work

Custom Timber Work

Our custom timber work includes a broad range of finishes. Our craftsmen understand how to work this beautiful material to allow it to age naturally and outlast typical construction methods. Our eye for detail is what we pride ourselves on and what we deliver. If your project involves fine timber detailing, get in touch - we would love to be involved. 



Bathrooms & Kitchens

Bathroom Renovations

A bathroom or kitchen renovation often has a huge impact on your everyday life, as well as the value of your home. Before starting a project we engage with the specific tradesmen involved to troubleshoot any potential issues. This means the team are all aware of what needs to be done before starting. In turn, the process is efficient and minimises any disruption to the household. 



Services Summary

Got a bespoke project that requires passion and finesse?

  • High end architectural design 
  • Home office studios
  • Secondary dwellings 
  • Detailed renovations
  • Custom timber work and screening 
  • Off form concrete 
  • Passive house design

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